Get The World's Greatest Gourmet Lemonade delivered straight to your door. 


You can now purchase by the gallon, any one of our Gorurmet Lemonade Flavors, and receive free shipping!! Shipping is only available in the lower 48 states of the US.


Impress your guests by serving any one of our delicious Gourmet Flavors at your next event. 


Our flavors are so unique, you will only find them with the Lemonade Plunge Brand!!


A single gallon of our concnetrate will product 3 gallons of that Sweet County Fair taste, just add water. This is the preferred taste of customers nation wide in any one of our retail outlets. Mixing instructions are on the side of the label. 


If you prefer a Medium Sweet taste, a single gallon of concentrate will produce 4 gallons of Gourmet Lemonade! Just add water.


For a Lemonade Light, a single gallon will produce 5 gallons of Gourmet Lemonade! Just add water. 

Single Gallon of Lemonade

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