Our Lemonade Plunge brand is the world's most unique Lemonade flavors, only found here. If you choose not to sell our Lemonade Plunge product, and currently sell your own Lemonade, consider adding our Handmade Lemonade Smasher to your business for increased profits. Making a Handmade Lemonade has never been easier. This machine gives you all the bells and whistles while making a great visual for your customers to enjoy. Streamlined to perfection, this Lemonade Smasher will fit any application! Designed with our unique glide track system, this compact machine measures only 11 1/4" wide, and takes up less than a foot of counter space. The Lexan on the front of the machine allows the customer to see all of the action while the Lemonade cup on the top of the machine makes a great advertisement attraction for your Lemonade business. By placing the machine on the back counter, you still get a great advertising visual with the Lemonade Smasher cup. No matter where the machine is located, the Lemonade Smasher will appeal to your customers for increased profits! Our Lemonade Smasher is the safest machine on the market and is the only machine in which you do not have to physically hold the cup while smashing the lemon. The easy application allows for any age group from youth to adult to operate. Machine comes with a Smasher/ advertising cup with Handmade Lemonade Smasher graphics, (1) 32.4 oz. stainless steel shaker cup, 5 plastic lids, 8-wedge lemon slicer, 25' of 1/4" air tubing and a quick disconnect for your air compressor. Compressor sold seperately. This machine runs on Co2 or compressed air at 120 psi.  You can choose to remove the graphics and personalize the advertisement cup with your own logo. 


Click here for recommended air compressor for the Lemonade Smasher.A Home Depot Product

Lemonade Smasher

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