The Lemonade Plunge Press was built for profits. Whether you are looking to add a new product or simply increase your sales, the Lemonade Plunge Press is the perfect machine for you. The one thing you can count on is that everyone loves Lemonade. Who doesn't love an Old-Fashioned Lemonade? Now, add one of our premiuim lemonade flavors. Peach Cobbler Lemonade? Strawberry Jam Lemonade? Marshmallow Creme Lemonade? And don't forget one of our best selling flavors, Lemon Meringue Pie Lemonade! The list goes on and on. Our premium flavored brand was formulated and manufactured for Lemonade Plunge. It is simply becoming the number one requested drink in retail outlets. Studies show that Lemonade outsells all sodas combined! Whether you are looking to increase your profits or looking for a best seller, this product is for you. Now imagine yourself selling what nobody else can offer, the Lemonade Plunge brand of flavors you simply cannot get anywhere else. When you partner with Lemonade Plunge, not only do we offer premium flavor brands, but our Lemonade Plunge Press is a crowd pleaser. People love to watch a Lemonade being made in our Lemonade Plunge Press Machine. We slice a whole lemon and press the juices out with our pneumatic cylinder press on one side. Next, we blend our special recipe of flavors, lemon, and ice on the shaker side of the Lemonade Plunge Press. Pour this mouth watering Lemonade into our 32 oz. Lemonade Plunge cup and ring up your profits one Lemonade at a time. Do you like festivals? Carnivals? State Fairs? We have you covered! Take our Lemonade Plunge Press on the road in one of our beautifully designed carts. Whether it's a small or high volume event, our carts were made for profit. Check out any one of our Lemonade or Limeade Plunge carts. If you would like to partner with Lemonade Plunge, contact a customer care rep today!

Lemonade Plunge Press

SKU: 850