Our Lemonade Plunge Carts are very versitile depending on the volume of product you are selling. This Lemonade Plunge Cart is pictured with 2 Lemonade Plunge Press Combos and a 4-gallon double stack jug holder, allowing for two operators at one time. All of our Lemonade Plunge Carts are professionally engineered and powder coated with graphics. The Lemonade Plunge Cart has a removable upper banner at the top for advertising making it easy to be seen from a distance and a 6' long table top. The upper banner can be removed when transporting and stores conveniently in the back operator's side of the cart. Enjoy the profits from this Lemonade Plunge Cart at your next event! Contact a customer care rep for more details.


Cart Dimensions:

70"L x 8'2"H x 30"D

Lemonade Plunge Cart

SKU: 854