Streamlined to perfection, the newly designed 2019 Lemonade Plunge Press Combo will fit any application! Designed with our unique glide track system, operating this machine is safe and easy. This compact machine measures only 11 1/4" wide, and takes up less than a foot of counter space. The Lexan on the front of the machine, allows the customer to see all of the action while the Lemonade cup on the top of the machine makes a great advertisement attraction for your Lemonade business. By placing the machine on the back counter, you still get a great advertising visual with the Lemonade Plunge cup. No matter where the machine is located, the 2019 Lemonade Plunge Press Combo will appeal to your customers for increased profits! 


If you're not currently carrying our Lemonade Plunge Premium Flavored brand and would like to, contact one of our customer care reps today!


2019 Lemonade Plunge Press Combo

SKU: 850-C