Become a Mobile Franchise Operator

Lemonade Plunge has 2 types of partners; an authorized brick and mortar retail partner and a mobile franchise operator. Brick and mortar locations, are partners which sell our products inside their permanent physical structure 52 weeks a year.  There is no franchise fee associated with a brick and mortar partner, but they are restricted to selling our product only within their brick and mortar location. They are required to sign a licensing agreement.


Our mobile franchise operators are partners that travel to many events such as, fairs, festivals, convention centers, stadiums, arenas, sporting events, and concerts. There is a franchise fee associated with a mobile franchise operator.  

We succeed if you succeed!

While we strive to partner with retail locations all across the country, there are advantages to being a Lemonade Plunge mobile franchise operator.

"We assure you it's like no other lemonade you have ever tasted - both in quality and in the unique and 'only found here' flavors!"


- Martin Azambuya

Managing Director/ COO of Doc Popcorn

Are you considering owning your own business?

With the many franchise opportunities available in today’s market, deciding which franchise to be apart of is a big decision. A couple of key factors you might want to consider in making your decision;

  1. Brand Awareness

  2. Uniqueness of Product


Brand Awareness- if your potential customers can readily identify the product you are selling, you are off to a great start already. With the many franchise options you have at your fingertips today, what product has better brand awareness than Lemonade? By the mid-1600s the taste of lemonade was introduced throughout Europe. By the 18th century, Lemonade had migrated from Europe to America. In short, Lemonade is a product that has been around for hundreds of years and what person can’t readily identify Lemonade?

Uniqueness of Product- Lemonade Plunge has put the excitement back into Lemonade! With over 20 fun food flavors, our Lemonade Plunge Lemonade is unlike any other you've ever tasted.

Our special blend of mouthwatering flavors are so unique, you won't find them anywhere in the world, except with the Lemonade Plunge brand.

We are the first company in the world to bring you Peach Cobbler Lemonade, Peanut Butter and Jelly Lemonade, as well as many others. Whether you're trying a freshly squeezed Lemonade or any of our exclusive Lemonade flavors, Lemonade Plunge will capture the taste of your customer’s imagination.

Lemonade Plunge has retail brick and mortar sites all over the country. All of the brick and mortar sites are not franchised and are only allowed to sell our product within the confines of their retail store operation.

A Lemonade Plunge mobile franchisee enjoys the flexibility to operate at fairs, festivals, convention centers, stadiums, arenas, sporting events, and concerts.

Here's what an international chain partner said about our product; 



Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Lemonade Plunge franchise

  1. Lemonade is a product that has been around for hundreds of years

  2. Lemonade Plunge Products are sold all over the USA

  3. No other Lemonade brand offers the products we sell

  4. Our uniqueness and taste is unlike any product you’ve ever tasted

  5. Our products only exist with Lemonade Plunge

  6. Low start-up costs

  7. Create your own hours

  8. Flexibility in locations

  9. Live training videos and support


The initial franchise fee is $10,000.

  • Lemonade Plunge Press Combo- $1,495

  • Lemonade Plunge Cart- $2,995


Contact our office today for more details including costs and Franchise Disclosure Documents.


Under the Federal Franchise Rule, The FDD must be disclosed to any potential franchisees no less than 14 days before signing any franchise agreement.  Lemonade Plunge Franchising, LLC does not guarantee any results with respect to a franchise business.