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Are you interested in selling our product at your location? When you become an authorized retail partner with Lemonade Plunge, you're selling a product like no other you've ever tasted! Our flavors are unique and only found with Lemonade Plunge. Here's what an international chain partner said about our product; 


Not only are you selling a superior tasting product, but you're representing a brand of some of the most unique flavors ever offered in the world today. We are the first to bring you that county fair taste in a Blackberry Cobbler Lemonade, a Lemon Meringue Lemonade, an Old Fashion Lemonade, a Peach Cobbler Lemonade, a Strawberry Jam Lemonade, and a Watermelon Lemonade. When you try our product, you won't believe your taste buds!


There are several advantages of becoming an authorized retail partner with Lemonade Plunge;

"We assure you it is like no other lemonade you have ever tasted - both in quality and in the unique and 'only found here' flavors!"


- Martin Azambuya

Managing Director/ COO of Doc Popcorn

  • volume pricing

  • free shipping within the continental United States

  • no other product like ours on the market

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  • customers prefer our flavored lemonades over soda

  • all the product comes directly from Lemonade Plunge

  • we offer free customer support

  • training videos

  • product guides

  • excellent profit margins

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