Lemonade Plunge is a non-carbonated drink. 

Excellent for movie theaters, convenient stores, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, gourmet shops, bakeries, and any place a consumer wants that Handmade Gourmet Lemonade taste. If you would like to increase your beverage sales, contact a customer service rep today!

 Separate Yourself From The Competition!

As the sale of sodas continue to decline, consumers are choosing to turn away from carbonated beverages. With articles published in Bevnet and Forbes Magazine, the trend is turning to cold Lemonade. Market research shows that Lemonade sales are predicted to rise through the year 2022 in North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. While the top 5 bottling companies are scrambling to find the next best health craze, consumers are not willing to completely give up their favorite fun foods. One article in Bevnet states, "Even as consumers continue to turn away from sugary beverages of all types, they may not yet be ready to put down the Lemonade." Their case study on the modern beverage market shows that Lemonade cuts across several current trends. In a world where the average consumer is becoming more health conscious, they are still looking for that fun food taste outside of carbonation and the profits are soaring in the fun food market. Simply put, fun food Lemonade is on the rise and the trends are proving it. Lemonade Plunge has totally changed the way the world sees Lemonade! As the Lemonade Plunge brand increases around the country, we have seen our customer's Lemonade sales skyrocket. Most of our customers surpassed their previous yearly Lemonade sales in a matter of weeks! Now for the first time in the history of the world, our gourmet flavored Lemonades are available in a bag-in-box system. Our product allows you to have a full Lemonade Bar at your fingertips. Whether you're choosing 1 flavor or 20 flavors, your customers are sure to be impressed with our gourmet Lemonades. We have the world's most unique Lemonade flavors, only found here! Our product is unlike any other Lemonade you've ever tasted- both in quality and in flavor. Keep your customers coming back by serving the most mouthwatering Lemonade flavors they've ever tasted.

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