The World's Most Unique Lemonade Flavors- Only Found Here

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Our Lemonade is Unlike Any Other You've Ever Tasted- Both in Quality and Flavor

Lemonade Plunge Press Smasher

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County Fair Handmade Taste - Now Available in a Concentrate


We started off with the most mouthwatering blend of Lemonade flavors that only exist with the Lemonade Plunge brand. Combined with a real lemon and our Lemonade Plunge Smasher, you have The World's Greatest Gourmet Lemonade, sold in gourmet food shops all over the country. Now for the first time ever, this county fair taste has been bottled up in a concentrate for the whole world to enjoy. By simply adding water, you can adjust the sweetness to fit your desired taste. Mixing instructions are on the side of the label, for that sweet county fair taste, medium sweet, or Lemonade light.


If you're wanting that sweet county fair taste, 1 gallon of concentrate will yield 3 gallons of Lemonade.

For a medium sweet taste, 1 gallon of concentrate will yield 4 gallons of Lemonade. 

For a Lemonade light taste, 1 gallon of concentrate will yield 5 gallons of Lemonade. 

Each flavor comes 4 gallons per case, or you can mix and match to enjoy 4 different flavors per case.

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Excellent for Mixed Drinks and Shooters

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Request Lemonade Plunge at Your Next Event

The Lemonade Plunge brand offers the World's Greatest Gourmet Lemonades, only found here. With over 20 flavors to choose from, our product is sold all over the country; in stadiums, fairs, festivals, malls, theaters, live shows, concession stands, arenas, gymnastic centers, country clubs, corporate events and even back yard parties. 

Our independent franchise operators can bring a Lemonade Plunge party to your next event! If you are looking to set up a Lemonade Bar or freshly squeezed Lemonade with all the bells and whistles, contact a customer care rep today.  

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